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GemsGems - what kind of stones? We often talk about the precious stones, but few people know that this concept concerns not all the stones in nature. Even whiter, the very small number of stones can truly be called precious.

So, gems first group, and no other, shall have the right to be called precious. This diamond (if the diamond is processed, it is called a diamond), blue sapphires (because there are sapphires and other colors), emeralds and rubies. Sometimes, a gems first group includes more and Alexandria, because of the fact that natural alexandrite nowadays extremely rare and very expensive. Other stones are called semi-precious stones, there are still gems, semi-precious stones.

Why do we often refer to precious stones are stones that did not belong to the precious? For example, the famous Black Star Sapphire of Queensland? After all, this black stone. It turns out that among all the black sapphires it is the biggest, in addition, it is truly a unique gem with incredible history. Therefore, it could be described as precious as in performance and price.

Historical stones are not related to the precious stones the first group sometimes valued far more than simple jewels. And not only in the history, because even in ancient times, rulers and jewelers did not pay attention to any ordinary gems and really appreciate something unique and unusual.

For example carved emerald Ashok Kumar Sancheti though refers to precious stones, but the purity would not represent any value if the unknown master mason not turned it into a real masterpiece.

There are some gems, because of which the rulers of the shed blood, such as rubies. There are gems that keep a real curse, as the Black Eagles. In every known gem hides its own history, its own mystery. And who knows, perhaps the ruby or alexandrite from an old box of your grandmother also once become famous jewel, gathering dust for many years in the shadow of the eyes of these geologists and jewelers.

Gems! - камни -

Gems Swap - онлайн игры

77% Gems Swap Gems Swap

Уничтожьте драгоценные камни, создавая кластер из трех или более драгоценных камней одного вида.

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Galactic Gems 2 - онлайн игры

79% Galactic Gems 2 Galactic Gems 2

Соберите все галактические камней! Создание кластеров из драгоценных камней одного цвета, чтобы удалить их с доски.

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Galaxy Gems - онлайн игры

82% Galaxy Gems Galaxy Gems

Слейте все космические корабли от планеты и vysbírejte все драгоценные камни. Игра запоминает ваши уровни завершен.

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Galactic Gems 2 Level Pack - онлайн игры

78% Galactic Gems 2 Level Pack Galactic Gems 2 Level Pack

Очень хороший oddechová игра с красочные драгоценные камни. Создайте группы же плитки.

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2048 Candy Gems - онлайн игры

78% 2048 Candy Gems 2048 Candy Gems

Большая игра с движущимися oddechová обработанных драгоценных камней. Создайте большой группы же цветные камни и получить высокий балл.

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Cursed Treasure: Dont Touch My Gems! - онлайн игры

74% Cursed Treasure: Dont Touch My Gems! Cursed Treasure: Dont Touch My Gems!

Оборонительной игры из эпоса! Место оборонительные башни и остановить полчища воинов и воров, которые жаждут после ваши драгоценности.

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Shop Color Change Gems at GemSelect Search through our wide assortment of unique Color Change Gems. These gemstones are rare and remarkable, featuring an optical effect which is highly sought after. Witness the phenomena and sensational color effects in our gallery of Color Change Gems.
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Shop Carvings at GemSelect You won't find these delicately crafted Carvings anywhere else. From Asia to Africa and Europe to the Americas, these Carvings have come a long way. Exciting and 100% authentic, our collection of Gemstone Carvings are sure to intrigue you.
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Shop Fancy Gems at GemSelect Choose from our wonderful collection of Fancy Gems. Unconventional and unique, these shapes and sizes are extraordinary. These are one-of-a-kind fancy gemstones that we just had to add to our collection, so you could add it to yours.
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